Getting dirty with moon sand

Do you know what I love? Enjoying a hot tea watching big fluffy snowflakes fall to the ground. Notice how I said - hot. The trick to that is to keep my kids busy while I enjoy that bit of bliss. I'm always giving them activities to do to make it happen. 

I was trying to save this for during the week, but it just sort of happened on Sunday while the big girls were out, the baby was asleep and the twins needed something to do. We made Moon Sand. 

Moon Sand
Mix 8 cups white flour to 1 cup baby oil. 

We started out that way but ended up dumping the rest of the bag of flour and the whole bottle of baby oil and it seemed like that 8:1 ratio anyways. 

They LOVED it. Played for almost three hours! The mess wasn't too bad to clean up. I just swept from table back into the container and put the lid on. Ready for another day. 

Enjoy that hot tea mamas. 



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