Fresh Salad for baby chicks

We made an easy, fresh and nutritious salad for our new baby chicks. We cannot wait to have fresh eggs later this summer/fall! 

I decided to share, with pretty photos of course for anyone who would like to do the same for theirs little chicklets! 

We started with some fresh baby lettuce from our herb garden. A hand full of leaves and just a couple off each plant. Then we collected a few dandelion leaves and some grass. 

In the mean time we hard boiled 4 eggs. 

fresh baby lettuce from the garden with a flower for garnish

hard boiled organic eggs, dandelion leaves

To make: 

 Tear up or cut up all the greens to make them small

mash the hard boiled egg YOLK

(optional) add a couple drops of vitamin D to give the chicks a little boost

Mash it all together and divide in half. Store half in the fridge for tomorrow! 

helping little hands

Serve fresh and enjoy watching them all eat it up! 

10 baby chickens eating a home-made saladreaching for the baby chicksbaby chicks enjoying their fresh salad

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