Kindergarten DAY ONE! & Fall family photos

This beautiful fall morning our oldest boy, Adler (4), began kindergarten. As this neared and we checked all necessary's off the to do list, making sure he had everything he needed, I envisioned this morning, not knowing what to expect. Would there be tears, fears, or meltdowns. I am pleased to share though that he was cool as a cucumber all morning and the closest we came to any meltdown was when I put his hat on his head after doing his hair (at his request) and he threw it off exclaiming "you're going to mess up my hair!" Bad mommy. 

As for myself, well I have two little ragamuffins at home to keep me company and have felt no sadness per say. More excitement for him and joyful that the little ones get a little more of mama on these new school day routines. 

Last night I asked him if he would be okay with a few photos to document this time and give to our family. It included a cowboy outfit and a quad ride so he was a pretty easy sell. These will are our "school" photos and I'm happy I did this. I treasure these today and know we will more so later, as it tends to go with the slipping of time. 

On the note of photography -- I am offering family photos for this fall. If you're interested please shoot me an email or a PM on instagram is fine., @hobbsgeneral


Without further ado, a few of Adler the kindergartener! 

golden hour sessiongolden hour dandelion seedslittle ragamuffin cowboyGolden hour back light little cowboy at golden hourblack and white cowboy

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  • Martina

    the slipping of time, that resonates. these photos are so lovely & light filled. your boy will carry these moments in his heart. always

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