ABC's, Family, & an announcement

You may be aware that there are two ABC books set to release soon and all I would like to say is I don’t question that there is ample space for both of them. That the intent behind both of them is good. It is unquestionable that a lot of work, time sitting at the computer distracted from our kids, thinking and maybe agonizing, wanting nothing less than to do the best possible job by ourselves and for others.  

I whole-heartedly continue to have visions and plans for this shop that I am actively working on. Among them, an alphabet product. Unexpected changes happened as they can and ushered in space for a new idea to unfold within me. I got to work pouring my own art into creating something that filled that space. Done the way I would do it. I did not do this work because I am trying to take anything away from anyone (nor do I claim to have that kind of power.)  I do not subscribe to the belief that anyone else's successes mean that I've lost out on my own or vice versa. We enjoy the expansive world of ABC things proven by our own personal collection. In our home are many different alphabet learning tools. Thus, part of the continued direction of Hobbs General.

I like to think we are both rooting for one another's successes and that our big efforts will never be for not. It's messier than I'd like it to be and I'm human so yes, I find myself asking if it’s worth it to do it at all. I do care about how my actions affect others.

At the end of the day the truth is each book is our own sweat and sacrifices, work, style, just our own period. The truth is we are both full time work-at-home moms who are just trying to make something good to share. I wish things were different. 

That’s my truth, all I know of it. 

~ Shelby

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